Place 2 B Haarlem offers the option to rent one of the halls as a rehearsal space.
(Bookings in person, by phone or e-mail!)

We are available for every kind of talent and recognize the importance of, and understand the difference, a good rehearsal space can make between developed and underdeveloped talent.

For musicians; all you need to bring are your instruments and tops.

For singers we also have enough microphones.
The sound will for now be routed through our sound system, but this is sufficient for this kind of use.


Below you find a list of what exactly is present at Place 2 B Haarlem:

Pearl Drumkit + chair
Hartke B60
2 Marshall JCM 900 Cabs (as stated, nó tops available)
3 Mics (1x Shure, 1x Yamaha en 1x DAP) + 2 Stands.

Just let us know when and in which timeframe you would want to rent the space and which items you need.
Our people will make sure this is available for you when you arrive.


Days and times on request. Contact us for more information.


1 HOUR => € 12,50
2 HOURS => € 22,50
3 HOURS => € 30,-